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Meet Stewardship Jack
Stewardship Jack

About Stewardship Jack
Jack was a little black Goldendoodle puppy that nobody wanted. The rest of his litter had been adopted, but Jack was still waiting for a home. When I saw him on the Internet, I immediately knew he was the puppy for me. I named him Jack before I even met him. I had no idea that this furry little puppy would grow into such a lovable, good-natured dog with a special ministry. But God had a plan to combine this puppy and a few of my hobbies and turn them into something that is helpful to others.

Janice Mathews

About Stewardship Jack's Owner
Janice Mathews is a cardiology nurse practitioner who lives with her husband, John, and her dog, Stewardship Jack. She has a lot of fun with children and dogs and her special buddy is Stewardship Jack. We hope you enjoy his adventures.

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Stewardship Jack